Will My House Sell?


This is probably the million dollar question when it comes to Real Estate. And thanks to the technology Iowa Realty offers their agents, we can answer that question with some very strong supporting evidence!


Let me explain. Just last week a couple came to my open and expressed interest in building a custom home with my builder. Impressed by his craftsmanship and construction techniques, they were very excited about the idea of building.  But they need to sell in order to buy. Most people do!  I had my computer with me so I pulled up our Trend Graphics program. After we filled out certain “fields”…location of home, square footage, age of home, style of home, we were able to see,  within seconds, what the potential competition would be!  Here is what we can tell you:


  1. Average days on market for “like” homes
  2. How many “like” homes are For Sale, how many are sold
  3. What the average price per square foot of the homes that have sold went for
  4. The average price of homes that are still for sale
  5. How many months of inventory we have on the market


THIS is key!!! The homeowners/buyers I was talking to were very encouraged by the fact that under “months of inventory” it said “0”.


That means their home could look quite attractive to buyers once they put it on the market! Average months of inventory is 4 to 6. Many of the sellers I have met with have homes that will have competition only matching 2 months of inventory---still very attractive odds! So if you are considering a new home, let me know, and we will put Iowa Realty’s tools and marketing power to work for you!



Sharon Rooney

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