Consumer Confidence and Buyer & Seller Know-How!


This summer is fast turning into an incredible opportunity for buyers and sellers! I had a listing that sold for ABOVE asking price within 24 hours of it hitting the MLS! We had 3 offers! Inventory is low, especially in the below $200,000 market and up to $300,000.  So if you have something to sell in that price range, even up to 350K, now is the time to get serious!


Check out my “Videos” tab and watch a few short, but very informative videos about the market, getting started, creating curb appeal, and right-sizing! My favorite video is called “First Things First” because it is the most important of all videos for buyers. It’s imperative to get started on the right foot, and this video will help you do so!


SOLD signs popping up create more “For Sale” signs, as consumers are building confidence in this market of strong sales and fair prices, combined with low interest rates!


Watch a few videos, they are short, and check out my blogs, then email me at and let’s get started



Sharon Rooney

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