A Good Time to Buy, and Why!


I'll be the first to admit, we've been hearing "It sure is a good time to buy a house!" for a very long time! One reason is that market conditions have been good, and continue to improve. Mortgage rates have stayed steady or gone down, creating great interest for owners of existing homes who postponed trading up or downsizing. Also, as employment improves, more homebuyers are entering the market.


There are a lot of great values out there. Many homes on the market are competitively priced, and with the onset of winter, expect to see some builder incentives and price reductions. How do you know if the home you are considering buying is priced right? As a Realtor, I will conduct a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) on the home you are buying to ensure it is priced accordingly. Comparing recent sales of homes with similar square footage and features in your neighborhood, and using a program called Trend Graphics, agents have turned pricing a home into a science! No guesswork goes into pricing homes for sale!


Lifestyle changes also prompt homeowners to make a move. My husband and I have recently become "empty nesters," and my most frequent inquiries come from friends who are also entering this stage in life looking to downsize from that four bedroom two story to a ranch! Many are citing an interest in downsizing their home costs too, allowing for more financial freedom for traveling.


Low mortgage rates means a great savings on homes that are already offering built-in value, so consider making a move to the home that best suits your needs!



Sharon Rooney

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