A Good Question for Potential Homebuyers to Ask: How’s The Economy?


Before you make a big purchase, like a house, it is wise to do a few things. You will want to get a pre-approval letter from your local lender. You will want to engage the talents of a proven, hardworking Realtor. And it is also a good idea to get a gauge on the economy.


Recently, just in time for the spring market, I had the pleasure of attending a luncheon featuring Elliott Eisenberg, Ph.D., a nationally acclaimed economist and former Senior Economist with the National Association of Home Builders in Washington D.C.


If anyone in the audience was worried about the state of the economy, by the time Dr. Eisenberg was finished speaking, they left with new found confidence!  Here are some of the reasons Dr. Eisenberg cited in support of increased consumer confidence:



Timing is important in many facets of life.  A strong economy is a good reason to make that move…whether moving up, or right-sizing, or moving into your first home, I’d be happy to guide you through this experience.


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